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meaning of Prokura in English. What is Prokura in English. Prokura German to English. Prokura definition. © Pro•ku•rist m , -en, -en , Prokuristin Pro•ku•ris•tin f , -, -nen holder of a general power of attorney ~company secretary (Brit) Translation German - English Collins Dictionary. See also: Prokuristin, Prokura, Prokrustesbett, Profit.

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A letter of attorney. 2. Procurations are either express or procure definition: 1. to get something, especially after an effort: 2.

15 januari 2008 om definition, beskrivning, presentation och märkning av, samt om detta. Detsamma gäller om pro- kuran meddelats som kollektiv- prokura. not constitute a legislative procedure within the meaning of Article 289 TFEU.

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2. To bring about procure definition: 1. to get something, especially after an effort: 2. to get a prostitute for someone else to have….

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We understand precisely how to optimize purchasing and supply chain operations and overcome any related problems. Il-prokura hija valida biss għal-laqgħa li tinħareġ għaliha. English. Such proxies shall be valid solely for the meeting in respect of which they are issued. Last Update: 2017-04-06 Usage Frequency: 2 Quality prokuura (Finnish)Origin & history Latin procura‎ procuro‎ ("I manage, administer") Pronunciation. IPA: /ˈpro̞kuːrɑ/ Hyphenation: pro | kuu | ra; Alternative forms.

Prokura meaning

Translation of "Prokura" in English. procuration. power of attorney. proxy.
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Prokura meaning

The donor and tissue have passed numerous quality control tests including social habits, physical and medical screening before it is provided to your doctor. Procuration (from Latin procurare 'to take care of') is the action of taking care of, hence management, stewardship, agency. The word is applied to the authority or power delegated to a procurator, or agent, as well as to the exercise of such authority expressed frequently by procuration (per procurationem), or shortly per pro., or simply p.p. English translation of 'Prokurist'.

law. procuration.
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